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Melanie Canada | Owner

 Speech Language Pathologist

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Jen Johnson

 Speech Language Pathologist

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Emily Rooney

Speech Language Pathologist

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Renee Mish

Occupational Therapist

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Kira Memery

Physical Therapist

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Cary Bingelli

Speech Language Pathologist

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   Misty Whittingdon

Occupational Therapist

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Rosie Stanley

Speech Language Pathologist

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Molly Heavilon

Speech-Language Pathologist

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Small Talk is amazing! Melanie has changed my little guy’s life and I am forever thankful that we found her. Her therapy includes more than the average articulation practice. She is a true star!

Amanda Seaman

Small Talk is an amazing therapy center all around. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing and everyone is so nice and helpful!

Customer Feedback via Square

"I can't express enough gratitude to Miss Melanie for how she has changed my son's life.  My son was diagnosed with Autism and a Language/Speech Delay I came across Miss Melanie and Small Talk and I'm so happy I did.  My son has flourished with Miss MelanieHe's using sign language, a communication device and putting words together verbally within a year of being with Miss Melanie and being non verbal.  Miss Melanie also picked up on him having apraxia of speech and weak jaw muscles and worked with his oral motor skills which have improved greatly.  He has flourished at Small Talk, and seeing him light up when he learns a new word or sign is priceless.   Seeing the confidence in my son since he has been at Small Talk is the best thing ever and he looks forward to seeing Miss Melanie and her terrific office manger, Miss Stephanie, who is excellent at helping you out with any insurance situation that may arise, as well as helping out with scheduling office visits and getting you to the right therapist for an evaluation.  Small Talk and it's staff have been a blessing to my family and son who goes there for multiple services.  Itis great to be able to go to Small Talk for Speech, OT and PT.   He has grown so much with Miss Melanie as well as making great strides with MissKim for PT and Miss Renee for OT.  Small Talk is the best and the staff is wonderful.  Miss Melanie and her staff truly have a passion for their work and I highly valued Miss Melanie and her staff's professional experience and recommendations.  I recommend Miss Melanie and Small Talk services to any parents with children who need speech or any other therapy service.  Small Talk is a place that makes you feel like you're a family member.  They support the families, show compassion and build trust and a relationship with their clients and families.   I will forever be grateful to Miss Melanie for what she has done for my son." 

 Ashanti- Proud Small Talk Parent 

"I want to thank Melanie and Cary for their assistance this year with contracted speech and language services for our students at Unionville Elementary School and Lightfoot Elementary School.  Their professionalism and outstanding services were noted by the staff and administration at both schools.  I also appreciate their willingness to work with Orange County Public Schools longer than anticipated and with such short notice last September.  Thank you for your services and dedication to the students of Orange County."

Susan Aylor, Director of Special Education

"As parents, aren’t we all guilty of wanting only the best for our children?  Isn’t clear, verbal communication necessary for most students of any age to be successful as they mature? If you’re like my husband and I, you may find yourself in agreement with these two statements.  We began to notice that our third child wasn’t as verbally clear in her speech as her peers or her older siblings. We reached out to Melanie for an evaluation and were pleased to hear that with weekly assistance from Melanie and some homework in between, Ava would be communicating clearly in little time.  Melanie went above and beyond to make sure that our shy little girl would speak with confidence and properly as her education began.  We found Stephanie welcoming as we entered the office and accommodating as we patiently waited for Melanie and Ava to finish their lesson. Truly cannot have asked for any better care and attention to Ava’s speech needs, our peace with Ava’s diagnosis and reassurance for Ava’s continuing healthy speech in the future than our experience with Small Talk". 

– Katherine and Robbie Morris

"We have had a magnificent experience at Small Talk! Liz and Melanie are fantastic and encouraging. They have been such a blessing to our family."

- Tai Newsome

"Thanks for a great time! And for getting Little A to the point where he can say trick or treat!" 

- Kara Hodges Cox via facebook