Hello from Small Talk



At Small Talk Speech & Therapy Center, we care about you.  We genuinely love our patients.  Not only do we work closely with each patient, we are also on a first-name basis with parents, family members, and siblings who come in with them.  We have created a warm and friendly atmosphere where children instantly feel comfortable and at home.  The intimidating and stuffy formal doctor’s office feel is NOT for us!

Worried about a shy child who “won’t talk to us” at his/ her first appointment? (Yes, we hear this all the time, and don’t worry you are not alone!)  At Small Talk, we strive to make your child feel relaxed and comfortable right away.  We will find what your child relates to to help them open up. Sometimes it means giving Teddy, the Small Talk therapy dog, a hug and a treat.  For those that need a little extra support at first, you are welcome to come back with us to your child’s session.  In fact, many sessions include a caregiver throughout the session as we work closely together to teach the child as well as coach the family. We want the new skills they learn with us to carry over at home with you. We are committed to your success!