Do you accept Insurance?

YES.  We accept most insurance companies and will submit claims on your behalf to your insurance company for any services provided at Small Talk:

Do you accept Medicaid?

YES.  We participate with all major Medicaid HMO plans, including:

Will I need to get a referral from my doctor ahead of time?

Maybe.  This will depend on your insurance plan and their requirements.  We will work with you by calling your insurance company on your behalf to determine if this is necessary for pre-authorization.

Do your have payment options if we do NOT have insurance benefits for therapy services?

YES.  We provide flexible payment options that include options to prepay for 5 therapy sessions ahead of time at a discounted rate.  We also offer discounts for siblings that are enrolled in therapy services at the same time.

Can I come back with my child during his/her appointment?

YES.  We welcome parent involvement and encourage participation when it is helpful and beneficial for your child.

At times, however, your therapist may feel it is in your child’s best interest NOT to have a parent in the room during a session.  This could be for a variety of reasons which your therapist and you will discuss together ahead of time.

How long are therapy sessions?

Therapy sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes, depending on your child’s goals and needs.

How do I schedule an evaluation or therapy visit?

Call our office at 434-481-3524 to schedule an appointment initially.  After that, your therapist and you will work together to schedule all future appointments so that we can best meet the specific needs of your therapist’s schedule as well as yours.

What do I need to get started?

To get scheduled for an initial evaluation, we will need:

  • New Client Intake Form completed
  • Copy of insurance card
  • Doctor’s referral (if necessary for your insurance plan)

How do I know if my child needs services?

It is always a good idea to start by talking with one of our therapists to ask questions or concerns you have regarding your child's development.  We are happy to speak with you about any concerns you may have.  Our therapists can advise you on whether further action is recommended, such as scheduling an evaluation.  In the case of speech/language concerns, you are welcome to schedule a free screening where specific concerns can be informally assessed, and where you will be provided with an opportunity to sit down and discuss your concerns in person.

Does Small Talk Speech & Therapy Center provide contract services?

YES.  We currently contract with neighboring school districts for therapy services, including Greene County Public Schools, Orange County Public Schools, Charlottesville City Schools, and Madison County Public Schools.  We also provide support and screenings as well as therapy services to local private schools on site.

Can my child be seen for services at his/her preschool or daycare setting?

YES.  When necessary for a family’s or therapist’s schedule, your child can be seen for services at his/her daycare setting, whenever permitted by the setting.  We currently provide or have provided services for children at Haney-Ripley Child Care Center as well as Greene County Child Care Center.  Please note: services outside an office setting may not be covered by insurance. 

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