Rose Propes

Rose Propes | Speech Therapy

Rose Propes is celebrating 22 years as a speech-language pathologist!  With a B.A. in 1992 from Loyola College in Maryland and a M.A. in 1994 from The George Washington University, Rose began working in the public school system in Bloomington, IN.  She joined the early intervention team at Easter Seals of Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 1997, then transitioned to private practice after starting a family in 2001.  She and her husband Rob now have 3 very active children who keep them busy running from the baseball field to the soccer field to the football field!  As a family, they enjoy travel, food, sports, and movies.  Rose has lived in Albemarle County for the past 6 years.  While she enjoys every aspect of speech/language service provision, her strengths with the pediatric population primarily in evaluating concerns, articulation therapy with a combined oral-motor and language- based approach and expressive language development highlight her career.


Fun Facts about Rose:

Favorite Color:  Red

Favorite  Dessert: Chocolate of any sort

Favorite Food: Italian 

My Pets: Hamster aka "Hampy"

Hobbies: Reading | Hiking | Watching (armchair coaching) my children play baseball, soccer, and football 

Favorite Disney character: Merida from Brave

Favorite Animal: Panda

Other fun fact?!... I have studied 3 foreign languages including Italian, Spanish and German and someday hope to become fluent in at least one of them!